Ministry Team


Chris & Holly Moore


Chris & Holly have been married since March of 1998 and have 5 children, 1 boy and 4 girls. They have been active in ministry for 16 years. Chris is an Ordained Bishop in the Church of God and has worked in Teen Ministry for more than 12 years. He has also served in many other works in the church such as music, children, and outreach.  Chris & Holly came to Smithville Church of God as interns in 2005.  When their intership was completed they were hired as youth pastor where they served for many years, before moving to Kentucky for a few years.  Chris & Holly moved back to Smithville in 2010 and once again took on the roll of youth pastor until, April of 2016 when he was appointed as pastor.


Holly is a full-time mom, is a certified pharmacy technician, with a background in early childhood education, children's ministry and teen ministry. She has been active in drama, singing and choir as well as serving as our Children's Church director for several years.

Music Ministry

Robin & Emily Phillips


Rev. & Mrs. Phillips joined the staff of the Smithville Church of God in June of 2005. They have been married since October of 1997 and have 3 children. Robin has a Bachelor degree in Pastoral Ministry from Lee University and is an Ordained Bishop in the Church of God. He has been in full-time ministry since 1993, and was a youth pastor for 12 years. Robin is a vocalist, plays bass, guitar, drums, and trombone.


Emily has a Bachelor degree in Vocal Music from the University of Tennesse at Martin and is a licensed K-12 teacher in the state of Tennessee.  Formerly, she taught music for Rhea County Schools and later in the exercise science department at Tennessee Technological University.  Mrs. Phillips is presently the music teacher for both DeKalb West and DeKalb Middle Schools.  She is a vocalist, plays piano, and is a published songwriter.

Children's Ministry

Jerry Lee & Bethany Strait


We are so please to have Mr. & Mrs. Strait back in Smithville!  Jerry Lee & Bethany are our Children's Pastors and will serve as the interim Youth Leaders for the next few months.


Evelyn Underwood


Evelyn's husband retired from the ministry in July of 1998, and they came back to Smithville to live. She worked for the Smithville Dress Shop for a few months, and then she went to work for the DeKalb Community Bank a few months later. She and her husband started coming to the Smithville Church of God and became members of the church in October of 1998.


Then in May of 2002, Pastor Donnie Kelly asked if she would like to become the secretary of the church. She told him, after prayer, that she would. She started to work at church on May 28, 2002.


Evelyn enjoys the work and does many jobs. One of her favorite things about the church is the fellowship of the people here. She said she wanted to go to a church that was involved in many types of ministry and the Smithville Church does that.

Declaration of Faith

We Believe:


•  In the verbal inspiration of the Bible.


•  In one God eternally existing in three persons; namely, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


• That Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of the Father, conceived of the Holy Ghost, and born of the Virgin Mary. That Jesus was crucified, buried, and raised from the dead. That He ascended to heaven and is today at the right hand of the Father as the Intercessor.


• That all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and that repentance is commanded of God for all and necessary for forgiveness of sins.


• That justification, regeneration, and the new birth are wrought by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ.

• In sanctification subsequent to the new birth, through faith in the blood of Christ; through the Lord, and by the Holy Ghost.

• Holiness to be God's standard of living for His people.

• In the baptism with the Holy Ghost subsequent to a clean heart.

• In speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance and that it is the initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

• In water baptism by immersion, and all who repent should be baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

• Divine healing is provided for all in the atonement.

• In the Lord's Supper and washing of the saints' feet.

• In the premillennial second coming of Jesus. First, to resurrect the righteous dead and to catch away the living saints to Him in the air. Second, to reign on the earth a thousand years.

• In the bodily resurrection; eternal life for the righteous, and eternal punishment for the wicked.


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