Church History

Our beginnings were with worship services being conducted under a canvas tent, located on Highway 56 with Reverend T. M. Martin as the very first pastor. The small congregation worshipped here for several months. Some services were conducted in the DeKalb County Courthouse due to weather conditions. 

In mid August 1949 the Smithville Church of God was organized with 8 charter members, under the leadership of Reverend A. R. Parker as pastor, and Reverend Harry O. Kutz, district overseer. The charter members were: Virginia Emberton Young, Joe Emberton Barber, Algie Lee Vanderpool, and with Dora Kay LeFever Vanderpool, Hoyt Cripps and wife Sue Underwood Cripps, O’Fallen Bryant Young, and Louise Bryant Knowles. 

The year 1951 was a glorious year. Reverend A. R. Parker preached the Word and many souls were won to Christ and the church. A good growth was realized by the church. A concrete block building was erected on the Old Nashville Highway or Highway 70. the people moved into a shell of a building with only sub flooring. Reverend James Harold Kear was the next pastor. He completed the building and soon afterwards built a parsonage located on the lot behind the church.

Upon Reverend Kear’s departure came Reverend Cecil Raymond Stansbury. The church was then bricked along with other improvements. 
In 1960 the congregation under the very capable leadership of Reverend Walter P. Atkinson decided to relocate. Land located on West Broad Street was purchased and a new sanctuary and education plant was erected. Mrs. Lena Whaley, a friend of the church, gave the church the lot located directly behind the new sanctuary. This was converted into Whaley Park. Later a Fellowship Hall was built on this property. The land was purchased by the church on Whaley Street and a nice brick veneer parsonage was constructed. 

(above) Walter P. Atkinson preaching and at the note-burning for the property on West Broad Street. Where the church currently is located.

(above) Note burning for the property on West Broad Street

The church continued to grow spiritually and numerically. In 1974 another much larger sanctuary was added to the existing building. The was done under the leadership and design of Reverend Carl L. Sifford. 
During the pastorate of Andrew J. Crawford, the old sanctuary was converted into Education facilities. 
Many noteworthy and progressive endeavors have been accomplished under the leadership of each pastor. 



Previous pastors in succession:

1.  T. M. Martin
2.  A. R. Parker
3.  James Harold Kear
4.  Cecil Raymond Stansbury
5.  J. L. Underwood
6.  L. A. Brannon
7.  Marshall Poplin
8.  Walter P. Atkinson
9.  James Bandy
10. Billy Ray Hedgepath
11. Jesse Lavender
12. Carl Lynn Sifford
13. Cecil Raymond Stansbury
14. Andrew J. Crawford
15. Richard Blackburn
16. Wayne E. Wicker
17. Norman Ray Simms
18. Donnie Dwayne Kelly
19. T. Michael Farr
20. Jeff Armstrong 

21. Chris Moore


The Smithville Church of God remains a strong and committed congregation, due to the dedication and consecration of her membership and an intense desire to be the “Ecclesia” called out ones. In the Power of the Spirit!

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